About getuppah!

Getuppah! is part of Studio Visgraat. From craftsmanship, an eye for quality, over 20 years of experience in woodworking & interior design, we design and develop unique, sustainable furniture with herringbone motif. Made from old wooden floorboards from the Rotterdam region.

Our network asked us to make a workplace raiser for the home workers. The reason for that was that some teams had to work a lot from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic and got physical complaints in the back, neck, shoulder, and arms.

Due to lack of space, not everyone could have a separate desk with a desk chair in the house. Especially for this group, the Getuppah! is a great solution.

A wooden (home) sitting desk that turns any table into an ergonomic desk in no time and encourages you to work more dynamically (sitting, standing, and walking).

Feel free to look around and if there are any questions, we would love to hear them.

Best regards,
Team getuppah!