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“getuppah! Transforms any table into an ergonomic desk
and encourages dynamic working.”

Smart design

Adjustable in height, and therefore suitable for every person

Simple & Strong

The stand is easy to assemble & disassemble without tools and is strong enough to carry a laptop or monitor of 3.5 kg to 4 kg


You will receive a FREE anti-scratch mat with your order.

On average in Europe, we sit about 7.5 hours per day!

Often, we also sit in a wrong (working) position. This combination can lead to physical complaints in your back, neck, shoulders, and arms. In addition, people who sit a lot get tired easily, are less productive, the metabolism is reduced and there is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

In short; alternating between sitting, standing, and walking throughout the day is good for us.

How can a Getuppah! help me reduce these symptoms?

Getuppah! Encourages you to work in a more varied way because you can easily raise the stand from a seated working position and continue working while standing. Because of the notches in the design, the getuppah! becomes ergonomically adjustable for your height.

An additional advantage of working in a standing position is that you automatically move more and take a short walk, for example during a phone call.

So everybody getuppah!